Records and extremes in Spain

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What is the highest mountain in Spain?

: The highest mountain of Spain is the Pico del Teide (3717 m) on Tenerife.


What is the largest underground lake in Spain?

: This is the Cuevas del Drach at he island of Mallorca with a length of 177 meters and a width of 30 meters.


How old is the oldest man too have ever lived in Spain

: Joan Riudavets Moll had bcome 114 years old. He was born in 1889 and died in 2004.


Which Spanish national park is the largest in the country?

: This is the Doñana national park in the delta of the Guadalquivir in Andalusia. It covers an area of over 50,000 hectares.


What municipality (municipio) is the largest of Spain?

: The municipality of Antequera in the interior of the province of Malaga is nearly 900 km2 and the largest in the country. Also great are Cáceres and Lorca.


Who is the richest person in Spain

: This is Amancio Ortega of the (clothing) company Zara.


What is the biggest company in Spain?

: This is the telephone company Telefonica de España.


What is the largest waterfall in Spain?

: The Cotatuero waterfall in the Pyrenees is one of largest and most beautiful in Spain.


What is the highest mountain on the mainland of Spain?

: This is the Mulhacen (3482 meters) in the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia.


What is the largest Spanish city?

: This is the capital Madrid with more than 3 million inhabitants.


What is the driest place in Spain?

: The Tabernas Desert in the province of Almeria.


What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Spain?

: In 1876, a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius was measured in the city of Murcia (southeast-spain).


What is the largest natural freshwater lake in Spain?

: That is the Santabria lake in the province of Zamora. It has a glacial origin and is located at an elevation 1000 meters above sea level and has an surface-area of 319 hectares.


What is the largest lake in Spain?

: This is Mar Menor (lagoon) near the coast (only separated by a sand bank) in the province of Murcia and the area is 170 km2.


What is the deepest cave in Spain?

: This is the Torca Del Cerro in the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain.