Newspapers, magazines and newspapers from and about Spain

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El pais

: largest national Spanish newspaper. El País is a Spanish morning paper published in Madrid with a national and international reach. El País has the largest circulation and the largest number of readers of all Spanish newspapers.


Viva Espana

: Dutch magazine about Spain that appears 4 times per year.


El mundo

: Major national newspaper in Spain. El Mundo is a national Spanish daily newspaper published in Madrid. After competitor El País, the newspaper is the second general newspaper in the country in circulation. El Mundo has a distinct right-wing signature.


Digital newspaper of Ciudad Real




: La voz de Galicia: The voice of Galicia. La Voz de Galicia is a Spanish daily newspaper owned by the Corporación Voz de Galicia. La Voz is the highest circulation newspaper in Galicia and the eighth highest circulation newspaper of public interest in Spain. It is written mainly in Spanish and Galician is used in the cultural and opinion sections. The newspaper was founded in 1882 by Juan Fernández Latorre and is published in A Coruña, Galicia.


El Periódico de Aragón Online

: El Periódico de Aragón is a Spanish newspaper belonging to Grupo Zeta. Founded in 1990, it has become one of the main newspapers in the Aragonese region.


Spanish Metro



La razon

: Rural social conservative newspaper (since 1998)