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Portal to Europe:General facts and figures country Spain.

image photo of the flag of Ciudad Real
Tourist map of Ciudad Real (clickable): scale 1cm= km
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: Campo de Criptana, 10 white windmills (symbol of the region) are standing on a hill above the town, three still from the 16th century: Infante, Sardinero, Burieta. You're in the time of Don Quixote.

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Castle, Ciudad Real

: The Castillo de Doña Berenguela in Bolaños de Calatrava, is a beautiful castle from the 13th century.

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National park Tablas de Daimiel

: Great wetland 20 miles northwest of the capital with much (water) birds at a central plateau.

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National park Cabañeros

: Large nature-park in Montes de Toledo in the north of the province with forested mountain ranges (stone and cork oaks). The fauna is unique and consists of the Iberian lynx, deers and boars.

The weather and climate

1) Current weather in Ciudad Real (temperature, precipitation).

2) Weather forecast Ciudad Real

3) Weather forecast for tomorrow (meteo online - spanish radar for precipitation): see left.


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General Information Ciudad Real

population: 510.122 (1,1%, 30e)
density (people/km2): 26 (39e)
area (km2): 19.813 (3,9%, 3e)
cities: Tomelloso, Puertollano, Alcázar de San Juan
sun hours in winter: 4
sun hours in summer: 11
tourism (%): 0,5 (39e)
bed places per km2: 0,4 (47e)
landscape: hills, mountains
highest elevation point: Riscos del Amor 1.344 meter
News from Ciudad Real.

Spanish news

Youtube Ciudad Real video - motion pictures

Land use Ciudad Real

 Forest   3098 km2 
 Other nature   4014 km2 
 Agriculture   11745 km2 
 Grassland   749 km2 
 Water   119 km2 
 Urban area   59 km2 

Climate: Mean temperature (°C) and Precipitaion (mm)

Weather forecast  

Weather Ciudad Real