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1 type 

Pico del Teide

: The highest mountain (3718 meters) of Spain at the island of Tenerife is of volcanic origin located in the national park: Parque Nacional del Teide.

2 type 

National Park Timanfaya, Lanzerote

: A unique lunar landscape appeared after a volcanic eruption in 1730. Also the movie Location of The Lord of the Rings.

3 type 

Los Organos, La Gomera

: This basalt formation of volcanic origin leaves beautiful shapes in the form of stone columns (organ pipes).

4 type 

El Hierro

: Smallest and most westerly island of the Canary islands at the beautiful wooded bay of El Golfo of volcanic origin.

5 type 

Island Isla de los Lobos near Fuerteventura

: Ideal as a day trip from the north of Fuerteventura (Corralejo) with beautiful fauna and flora.

6 type 

Volcanoes Walk on La Palma

: Walk on your nature vacation on one of the most active volcanic regions in Europe.

7 type 

La Gomera: Rain forest of laurel trees

: The walking-island of choice of the Canary Islands.

8 type 

Fuerteventura: Parque Natural de La Dunas de Corralejo

: The ideal beach holiday and sun-holiday-location in the winter with beautiful white sand dunes and walk- and surf opportunities.

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General Information Canary Islands

Population:2.025.951 (4,5%, 8e)
Density (people/km2):272 (3e)
Area (km2):7.447 (1,5%, 13e)
Main cities:Santa Cruz de la Palma, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Sun hours in winter:5
Sun hours in summer:13
Tourism (%):14,9 (3e)
Bed places per km2:25,9 (2e)
Highest elevation point:Teide 3.719 meter

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