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location of La Coruña

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: Charming town in northeast of the province with 3 old city gates and the church Igrexa San Francisco. Two museums are present Museo de la Estampa Contemporánea in centre of the town (art: Amadeo Gabino, Luis Seoane, Jesús Núñez and Pablo Picasso) and Museo das Mariñas (ethnographic and historical museum south of centre).

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: Nice little town at a large green bay (estuarial river) with the tower of Andrade (Torreón dos Andrade) at the Río Eume and the beuatiful bridge Ponte de Pontedeume.

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A Coruña

: Very nice place on the Atlantic Ocean on a peninsula, including the only intact Roman lighthouse (Torre de Hercules) in the world and many glass faced buildings (Galerias) along the boulevard. Also worth a visit is the aquarium (Aquarium Finisterrae). It has also some nice Parks and gardens.

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Nature park Fragas do Eume

: Beautiful natural park in northeast of the province along the river Eume and one of the best preserved Atlantic coastal forests of Europe. It is also the location of the monastery of Caaveiro. The park is almost shaped like a triangle whose corners would be Pontedeume, Monfero and Pontes.

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Cabo Ortegal

: Beautiful cape with sea-view at a lighthouse near the town of Carino in the extreme north of La Coruna. It forms the western limit of the Bay of Biscay.

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Costa da morte (Coast of the death)

: Beautiful coastline with many birds and other Cabo Fisterra (end of the world).

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San andres de teixido

: Beautiful little church with a fantastic view on the rocky coast with crucifixes and crosses in the far north of La Coruna.

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Santiago de Compostella

: World famous pilgrim resort and university town. The tomb of the apostle James would be located here. The cathedral is also the endpoint of the Camino de Santiago.

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General Information La Coruña

Population:1.132.792 (2,5%, 10e)
Density (people/km2):142 (13e)
Area (km2):7.950 (1,6%, 32e)
Main cities:Santiago de Compostela, Ferrol, Betanzos
Sun hours in winter:3
Sun hours in summer:8
Tourism (%):1,8 (16e)
Bed places per km2:3,0 (17e)
Landscape:rias, coast, hills
Highest elevation point:Pilar 803 meter

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Land use La Coruña

 Forest   4148 km2 
 Other nature   2320 km2 
 Agriculture   618 km2 
 Grassland   17 km2 
 Water   50 km2 
 Urban area   75 km2 

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