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Portal to Europe:General facts and figures country Spain.

image photo of the flag of El Hierro
Tourist map of El Hierro (clickable): scale 1cm=2,5 km
El Hierro Tourist map of El Hierro

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1- type 

Hotel Puntagrande

: In Las Puntas area on the coast, the smallest hotel in the world (4 rooms) can be seen.

2- type 

rock engravings La Caleta

: Prehistoric inscriptions in the Libyan berber language in the capital Valverde.

3- type 

Museum of Hierro

: Situated high in the capital of Valverde is a museum with a collection of ethnographic objects and archaeological objects.

4- type 

Punta de Orchilla

: Most western point of Europe with a lighthouse. Until 1911 this was the zero-meridan.

5- type 

Mirador de las Playas

: Nice view point at an altitude of 1070 meters high, east of the wood El Pinar (east of the island).

6- type 

El Sabinar

: In this area, the juniper-berry-trees, the symbol of the island. The bushes are distorted by the wind to the most bizarre forms.

7- type 

El Golfo

: Beautiful view from the Mirador de la Peña on this wild valley (bay), located in the northwest of the island.

The weather and climate

1) Current weather in Hierro_Aeropuerto (temperature, precipitation).

2) Weather forecast Valverde

3) Weather forecast for tomorrow (meteo online - spanish radar for precipitation): see left.


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General Information El Hierro

population: 10.000 (0,5%, 7e)
density (people/km2): 37 (7e)
area (km2): 278 (3,7%, 7e)
cities: Frontera, El Pinar
sun hours in winter: 5
sun hours in summer: 11
tourism (%): 0,2 (7e)
bed places per km2: 1,2 (7e)
landscape: volcanic island
highest elevation point: Malpaso 1.501 meter
News from El Hierro.

Spanish news

Youtube El Hierro video - motion pictures

Land use El Hierro

 Forest   135 km2 
 Other nature   46 km2 
 Agriculture   101 km2 
 Grassland   0 km2 
 Water   0 km2 
 Urban area   3 km2 

Climate: Mean temperature (°C) and Precipitaion (mm)

Weather forecast  

Weather Frontera