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Portal to Europe:General facts and figures country Spain.

image photo of the flag of León
Tourist map of León (clickable): scale 1cm= km
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: City with a very impressive Gothic cathedral (Santa Maria de Regla). Other top attractions are: Palacio de los Guzmanes (parliament), Casa de Botines (Gaudi) and the parador (Monasterio San Marcos) outside the center.

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: City in the El Bierzo valley on the river Sil totally surrounded by mountains with the castle Castillo de los Templarios.

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Las Médulas

: Spectacular scenery in Ponferrada (old gold mine from the Roman time).

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: Bishop City west of Leon with many religious buildings (churches, cathedral) and the bishop's palace of Gaudí.

The weather and climate

1) Current weather in Leon (temperature, precipitation).

2) Weather forecast León

3) Weather forecast for tomorrow (meteo online - spanish radar for precipitation): see left.


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General Information León

population: 497.387 (1,1%, 32e)
density (people/km2): 32 (35e)
area (km2): 15.581 (3,0%, 7e)
cities: Ponferrada, Astorga
sun hours in winter: 4
sun hours in summer: 11
tourism (%): 0,8 (26e)
bed places per km2: 0,7 (37e)
landscape: mountains, plain
highest elevation point: Torre Cerredo 2.648 meter
News from León.

Spanish news

Youtube León video - motion pictures

Land use León

 Forest   6654 km2 
 Other nature   3637 km2 
 Agriculture   4681 km2 
 Grassland   430 km2 
 Water   110 km2 
 Urban area   36 km2 

Climate: Mean temperature (°C) and Precipitaion (mm)

Weather forecast  

Weather León