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1 type 

Plaza Mayor (Main square) in Salamanca

: One of the most beautiful squares in Spain (Espana) in the center of this city.

2 type 


: Visit one of the many flamenco festivals on your holidays in southern Spain. This hot southern city is also famous for its delicious food (Spanish recipes) and drink.

3 type 

Ronda, interior of Costa del Sol, Malaga

: Beautiful historic town split by a deep ravine with a bull ring and bridges.

4 type 

World Exhibition Zaragoza

: Discover in Aragon the countries of expo 2008.

5 type 


: This rich cultural-historical old capital of the Ibirisch Peninsula in Central Spain is full of monuments (churches, cathedral, castle) and is easy to combine with a city-trip to Madrid by car or tourtrip across the country.

6 type 

Prado museum

: Museum in Madrid with great Spanish painters including Goya, Velazquez and Greco.

7 type 

Reina Sofia museum

: Many Spanish art from the contemporary history (20th century) in the capital of Spain.

8 type 

Guggenheim museum Bilbao (Basque Country)

: Visit during your car trip or vacation this art museum in northern Spain.

9 type 

Caves of Altamira

: 15000 year old drawings in Santillana del Mar (Cantabria, Northern Spain).

10 type 

National Park Teide (Tenerife)

: Climb, at your fly and drive vacation, the highest peak (mountain - volcanic) of Spain at the main-island of the Canary Islands.

11 type 

Islas Cies

: Beautiful islands and beaches off the coast of Vigo (Galicia) in northern Spain.

12 type 

Picos de Europa - Costa Verde

: Visit, from your holiday home,the mountains and costas for walking, mountain climbing and biking in the north of Spain.

13 type 


: walking on the islands of La Palma (Cumbre Vieja) and Lanzarote (Timanfaya) on the Canary Islands.

14 type 


: The most beautiful Moorish building (palace, gardens) of Europe in Granada (Andalusia) close to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

15 type 

Mezquita in Cordoba

: Visit during your vacation this cathedral in a mosque in southern Spain.

16 type 

Sagrada Familia

: Visit during a city-trip from your hotel this beautiful cathedral from Gaudi in Barcelona (Catalonia).

17 type 

Nightlife on Ibiza

: The night life in Ibiza and Majorca (Balearic Islands) with its special music and many discos, bars and clubs.

18 type 

Spanish Costas

: Sunbathing and live in the winter on one of the Spanish costas: Costa del Sol, Costa Brava or Costa Blanca.

General Information Spain

Density (people/km2):94
Area (km2):506.000
Main cities:Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga
Sun hours in winter:3-6
Sun hours in summer:6-13
Tourism (%):100
Bed places per km2:2,6
Landscape:high plateau, mountains, river valleys, coast
Highest elevation point:Teide 3.719 meter

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Land use Spain

 Forest   140177 km2 
 Other nature   96963 km2 
 Agriculture   220282 km2 
 Grassland   28470 km2 
 Water   6624 km2 
 Urban area   2745 km2 

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